Bullecourt-1918 Victories

Bullecourt and Australian victories in 1918…

This Day Tour departs south east from Arras travelling to Bullecourt, where the Australians took on the mighty Hindenburg Line. First time the line was broken but at a tremendous cost. A visit to Mont-St. Quentin and the Historial de la Grande Guerre prepares us for lunch nearby in the town center of Peronne.

The enemy was “on the run” and there was no stopping the Allies “for the end was now in sight”!

In the afternoon we move east to arrive in the area of those last Australian actions. Under the guidance of General Monash, Australians advanced east past the St Quentin Canal before being taken out of the front line for their well-deserved rest. The fighting would be over before they were made ready once again.

The Bullecourt – 1918 Victories Day Tour runs every Wednesday and Sunday, other days are available on request.


Depart from Arras at around 9.00 am.
Visit to the Bullecourt battlefield.
Visit to the Digger Memorial and Slouch Hat Memorial, Bullecourt.
Visit to the Australian 2nd Division Memorial at Mont-St Quentin.
Visit to the Historial de la Grande Guerre in Peronne.

Lunch in the town centre of Peronne.

Visit to the Australian 4th Division Memorial close to Bellinglise. (weather permitting)
Visit to the Riqueval Bridge.
Visit to the St. Quentin Canal tunnel entrance at Riqueval.
Visit to the American Memorial outside Bellicourt. (if time permits)
Visit to the American Cemetery at Bony.
Return to Arras for the 6.00 pm conclusion of Tour.

The above itinerary may be varied based on the wishes/consensus of the Tour Guests travelling on any particular day.

Customised Tours are available for these locations upon request.

The Bullecourt – 1918 Victories Day Tour is also a part of our 2 & 3 Day Australian Tours.